Gear/Equipment List   (abridge)

This is the core equipment I use on the job which, in itself is proficient, professional, and reliable. At the ‘heart’ of this core is a Zaxcom Nomad 12t, this 12 track recorder mixer is my go-to recording device for on the fly or cart work. The ‘brains’ of the operation go to Zaxcom's reliable and clean wireless signals. Finally, the ‘lungs’, dedicated to the high quality microphones I deliver to each gig. Dependent on DPA, Sanken, and Countryman, these incredible microphones capture crisp, clean audio. This core package delivers impeccable quality, giving your dialogue or effect that added punch. Packages range from EPK, Bag Work, and Feature/Television Cart.

Coming Soon... Full Feature Cart



Zaxcom Nomad 12t

Zaxcom Oasis w/Touch




Zaxcom QRX 200

Zaxcom ZMT3-ph x 2

Zaxcom CL3

Zaxcom RX200

Sennheiser G3 x 2



DPA 4017B

DPA 4018C

DPA 4098 x 2

DPA Slim x 2

Sanken Cos-11 x 4

B6 Countryman x 4




Panamic MAXI 4 - Boom Pole

Panamic MINI 4 - Boom Pole

K-Tek Klassic 125cc5 - Boom Pole

Ambient Digital Slate

Ambient Lockit ACL 204

Cinela and Rycote mounts and wind protection

OR-48 Orca Cart


+ Bags, batteries, and cables


**Contact me for more details about packages and pricing


** All invoices will be sent no later than one week of final day job, all invoices MUST be paid within 30 days. Payments after 30 days may incur a %10 per week fee until the invoice is paid.