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Gear/Equipment List   (abridge)

This is the core equipment I use on the job which, in itself is proficient, professional, and reliable. At the ‘heart’ of this core is a Zaxcom Nova, this 16 track recorder mixer is my go-to recording device for on the fly or cart work. The ‘brains’ of the operation go to Zaxcom's reliable and clean wireless signals. Finally, the ‘lungs’, dedicated to the high quality microphones I deliver to each gig. Dependent on DPA, Schoeps, and Sennheiser, these incredible microphones capture crisp, clean audio. This core package delivers impeccable quality, giving your dialogue or effect that added punch. Packages range from EPK, Bag Work, and Feature/Television Cart.

1 x Feature/Television Cart

Custom built by ASC

The Powerhouse

1 x Exterior Mic Kit

DPA & Sennheiser

Shotguns & Solutions

3 x Timecode Packages

powered by Ambient

On Time…All the Time

1 x Ford E-Transit

Daphne, the FULL ELECTRIC  van

1 x Second Unit

Sound Cart ORCA OR-48

Compact & Mobile

1 x Follow Cart

Metaldozer portable work station

The Backup

1 x Sanitization/Sterilization

UVC kit


1 x Grip/Rigging Kit

Mount it & Hold it

1 x Wireless Kit

Zaxcom/DPA Exclusively RF/Microphone Wonderland

2 x Voice of God

(VOG) Systems

Let the people HEAR you!

1 x IFB + Headset Kit

15 Zaxcom URX IFB’s

Listen in on the ACTION!

1 x Playback Kit


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